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Technology in Business relies on working technology

Technology in Business: How Not Repairing Your iPhone Makes You a Rookie in Business

When was the last time you went to a big meeting with half of your shirt tucked in? Or what would happen if you had a sales pitch and you didn’t brush your teeth? Have you ever made a first impression about someone who was maybe…um…not what you expected to make a sales presentation? A different haircut, a tattoo perhaps, or maybe even the language that they used wasn’t quite on par with your ideas? And here in 2018, that extends to technology in business. I mean, what do you think when you find out that potential new contact is using a Blackberry?!

First Impressions matter – especially when it comes to technology

It’s true…most of us are a little shallow when it comes to expectations of how others should look, speak and act. And it’s also true that our devices are now seen as extensions of ourselves – they represent us. Let’s face it, for the business professionals out there, the last thing we need is one more hurdle to jump in order to get the contract or win the sale.

Technology Judgment in Business

Yes, judgment over broken technology in business will cost you the deal.

Research has shown that people who present any business idea or product on a broken device – whether that’s an iPhone, iPad or iMac – are 60% more unlikely to make the sale! Sixty Percent! Why?

  • It looks unprofessional and ill-prepared.
  • It distracts from the information you’re trying to convey.  Was that an ‘8’ or a ‘3’ in the numbers?
  • Basically what you are telling your potential customer is “Oh, I’m sorry, the crack in my phone makes it confusing.” But what they are perceiving is “…and I’m too cheap to fix it.”

Shocked by broken technology in business meeting

The solution – repair your iPhone, iPac or iMac BEFORE the meeting.

Don’t lose thousands of dollars in revenues, when most screen repairs are $70 – 150 for an iPhone or iPad at Oops Repair. We offer 30-minute turnarounds for iPhone repairs & 1-2 hours for iPads repairs. We also have a low price guarantee – always, and a 6-month warranty on labor and parts. Pair that with over 700 5-star reviews, a loyal staff that has been working on Apple Devices 3+ years for every employee, and a huge inventory that doesn’t make you wait, there really is no better place for businessmen or women to take their phones to be repaired. So get your devices repaired today so your business savvy will shine – and close the deal.

success with working technology in business meeting

The bottom line with technology in business is simple – You need it. You need it working at peak performance. And you need it now. We understand, ‘opps’ happens. But don’t let an ‘oops’ cost you business! We can fix it!


Oops of the Week – January 31, 2015

This iPhone 5C was the victim of a “cuteness” accident last week.

The owner was out for her run down by the water front with her Beats earbuds plugged in.  She was jamming out to “This Girl is on Fire” as her iPhone 5C was securely tucked in her arm band. It didn’t take long before she noticed people were looking at her. Thinking that it must be her well-toned body, tanned physique, perfect running form, or her long blonde ponytail swaying as she ran, she whipped her hair a bit, held her chin a little higher, and started running with newfound vigor for her audience. As the run continued, however, the smiles and laughs from both men and women began to trouble her…were they laughing at her rather than admiring her?

She slowed her pace but continued running as she began to make a mental checklist of her apparel placement and choices. She noted nothing out of the norm, so she began to look around to find the source of their now amused looks. That’s when she looked behind her and saw it…the most adorable puppy she had ever seen was running at her heels.

She smiled at the adorable site, but perhaps looking a little too long. As she turned back to face the direction in which she was running, she caught a glimpse of the park bench just as she ran into it, her shin crashing into the seat and her body tumbling across the bench in what seemed to be slow motion.

Embarrassment gripped her as she crashed to the pavement on the other side of the bench, landing directly on her arm where her iPhone was secured.

As she began to take inventory of injuries (other than her pride, of course), the puppy jumped on her lap to playfully and immediately licked her face, instantly helping her forget the scrapes and bruises she had just received.

Unfortunately that adorable puppy could not erase the obliterated screen on her iPhone… but we could!  Only 28 minutes after her arrival, she walked out of our store with her phone as good as new and her new found companion, Trip, at her side!

Oops of the Week - Jan 31IMG_1105







Oops of the Week: Feb 22

This iPhone 4S nearly had it’s entire face ripped off! It came in with blotchy spots and severely marred housing.  In the heat of a “passionate” discussion, between boyfriend and girlfriend, this iPhone skipped across the pavement of the parking lot at UTC.

With a little love at the Oops Repair factory…we gave it a new facelift. 🙂

OotW Feb 22

Not so sure the relationship mentioned above ended so nicely!