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Oops of the Week: March 21, 2015

This week’s Oops of the Week is this white iPhone 5.

Oops of the Week March 21


We didn’t have time to get the back story on how it was broken since it was repaired and ready to go in only NINE MINUTES!!

That’s right, before the owner fixed a cup of coffee and went to sit down, it was done. No time for chit chat!

So what are you waiting on? It’s obviously not us!

Oops of the Week: Feb 1

If you look at the date on this one, you can see it didn’t technically happen this week. But it had a good story behind it and wanted to share it nonetheless.

This iPhone 5 belonged to a UTC (University of Tennessee Chattanooga) student.  She was late for class and running thru the halls. Her iPhone 5 slipped out of her hand, soared 10 feet thru the air, hit a fellow student in the head, off their backpack and tumbled to the ground.  When she picked it up it, amazingly enough, did not have a scratch or a broken screen! But, when she swiped her finger across the screen to check things out, it fell again, tumbling a mere 3 feet, and hit the top right corner and this is what it looked like! 🙁

Oops of the Week Feb 1A

But after only 5 minutes in the OopsRepair lab, we had her back in action…with an OtterBox this time!

Oops of the Week Feb 1B

Oops of the Week: Nov 29

I took a trip up to Michigan for Thanksgiving this year and my niece, Carly, who was back from Michigan State busted her iPhone 5.  She was diligently studying for one of her exams when it suddenly leapt from her lap, took a two-foot drop, and crashed onto the hardwood floor below.  How lucky was she that I just happened to have an extra iPhone 5 Replacement Screen in my OopsRepair bag of tools?

Carly's iPhone 5

Long story short….Carly now has a shiny new iPhone 5 Screen (and an OtterBox) that made her very happy and ready to conquer those end-of-semester exams!

Thanks Carly for the ‘Oops of the Week’ and have a safe trip back to school!