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Kids and iPads

When it comes to technology and kids, there are positives and negatives. After many years and millions of dollars spent, it has been found that with the proper guidance, education, and rules, technology is absolutely a benefit for children. If you have been deciding if you should buy your kid an iPad or not, then read on to find out why the iPad is a great investment in the growth and development of your child.

Benefits of iPads to Kids

Girl-iPadKids of this generation are already hooked on the television. Would you rather have your kid learning on an iPad or learning from a TV? By getting an iPad for your kids thus replacing their TV hours as a parent you can dramatically improve upon what they are learning and who they’re learning it from.

Inappropriate Channels/TV Shows

From the perspective of a parent, TV has many ads that are considered inappropriate, yet the iPad has parental restrictions that can be set most times to not have any ads. That’s right, the iPad can be set for your kids to run commercial free.

Interactive Screen Time

The television is a passive device, if you are looking for something more interactive for your kids, get them the iPad. Now, instead of your kids sitting motionless on the couch in front of the television all evening, your kids can be playing games, drawing, solving puzzles, typing, and watching educational videos. The Apple iTunes Store has a ginormous selection of educational books, games, apps, and videos for your children. iPad content can be controlled by parents. As long as the password is controlled only by the parents and unknown to the kids, parents maintain complete control over the content reviewed and played on the iPad.

Easier Customization

When you purchase an iPad, you can customize it for the age of the child that is going to be using it. Let’s be honest…do you really know what kids are watching on the television in their bedrooms at night? It is all too common for kids to be watching programming that is not age appropriate.


In addition,  the iPad has one very distinct feature the TV does not have: portability.  Your kids can go outside and sit under a tree. They can leave the house and read a book with a friend on their iPad.  And they can take it in the car with them on those long trips.

Keeping It Functional for Longer

There is a proactive approach to this problem by ensuring you buy an iPad protector to keep it safe in the little one’s hands. If the screen is broken or cracked,  Oops Repair can have your screen replaced and back in your kid’s hands in no time at all…typically less than 2 hours.

Take control of your kid’s downtime by getting them an iPad. If anything ever happens to it, know that we are here to take care of any problems that may happen to it.


Tax Return Investment: Your Current Smartphone

According to CNN Money, the average 2014 tax refund so far has been $3120. A generous tax refund is a great reason to invest in the gadgets you’ve wanted all year…

But what if you have other plans for your money?

Dollar Symbol

Consumer Reports suggests that in order to save hundreds of dollars per year on electronics, consumers should shop for previous-generation devices and sell any unused gadgets to offset the price of a new phone or tablet. Refurbished items also offer a substantial discount on a great device and net a good profit for the seller.

That’s where Oops Repair comes in. Stretch your refund dollars further by having your devices repaired instead of replaced. A cracked screen or faulty battery may render an iPhone worthless in the eyes of most consumers, but at Oops Repair, we’ll fix what’s broken quickly and competently. Oops Repair offers iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, iPod Repair and Samsung Galaxy Repair. We care about our customers, and we offer clear and honest pricing, right on our website. You can then continue to use that device for a fraction of the cost of a new one…or sell it for much more than you could with a cracked screen.

So, with that said, we want to hear from you! What are your plans for your 2014 tax refund? Are you saving for a new gadget or are you planning to repair the one you have now?

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Oops of the Week: December 6, 2014

The holidays can be a treacherous time! This iPad mini was unable to escape the dangers of Thanksgiving family gatherings and became the victim of the rivalry between Uncle Dan and Uncle Mike in the pre-dinner-football-game-turned-wrestling-match. If only they had seen the iPad mini laying on the floor when their good natured smack talk turned to a contest of physical strength! Fortunately for them (and the owner) we were able to replace the front screen and get it working again…and with a little protective gear for the next family rumble!

iPad Mini Oops of the Week

Oops of the Week: November 15, 2014

This iPad came in last week after a serious crash. As he was leaving for work, the owner sat the iPad on the top of the car when he suddenly realized he had forgotten to fill the dog’s water bowl. Good news for the pup…bad news for the iPad.  After he got back in his car, he quickly drove out of his driveway, whereas the iPad, still on top of the car at this point, flies off and face plants onto the pavement! The owner luckily saw the black blur as it flew to its demise. He stopped, leapt from the car, swooped it up and saved it from oncoming traffic!  However, the damage had already been done. We were able to get it all fixed up in under 2 hours (as per our guarantee) and he was on his way – this time with the iPad safe and secure INSIDE the car.

iPad Oops of the Week

iPad Dented Corner Costs?

We have a full line of iPad screen repairs and thank you for your patience while waiting for iPad Air 2 Screen repairs, they are coming soon!

A vast majority of our iPad repairs are front glass replacement; and there are times it seems that we’re just never going to get through them all! There are a ton of iPads out there! 🙂


There are a lot of other repair companies out there that charge extra fees for iPads repair over their stated repair fee; and it’s to “modify” the back case in order to get a new glass panel to sit flush in the unit once repaired.

The rear casing on the iPads are made of aluminum, that will bend if dropped in just the right way. Once the rear casing bends, it will fold over into the glass, causing it to crack. When a repair technician removes the broken glass and lays a new piece of glass into the frame, it may not sit correctly because the rear casing is “folded” into the area that the glass would sit.

The back case needs to be repaired as well in order for the glass to sit properly.

Oops Repair does not charge for this “rework” to the aluminum casing. In some cases it’s just a matter of “massaging” the corner of the iPad a bit; in other cases a tiny bit of grinding may be necessary. But in all cases when a corner is dented it needs to be reworked before the glass can be put in. It’s a matter of physical space.

Our customers have the advantage of always replacing the back case with a brand new one if they so choose; but a small modification to the dented corner of their cracked iPad is typically not an issue. So we’ll do it…and do it for free. Be sure to check on this issue with your service provider if you plan on using a repair center other than Oops Repair. It’s good to know what you’re getting into ahead of time!

Why we DON’T do color conversions for iPhones, iPads, iPods

Almost everyday here at Oops Repair we get asked if we can do color conversions for iPhones, iPads and iPods. And we always answer “NO”.

Why Not? A couple reasons:

1) They’re junk.  ALL colored screens that exist in the market are made by third party vendors and do NOT have the quality that OEM parts have.  We have already written a 2-part blog about this in the past, which elaborates on this point.

2) Too many options. We are not interested in filling up our inventory with 30 variations of colors for each device, only to hope which combination people want.  I have talked with several suppliers where the color conversions make up 50% of their inventory and only contribute to 5% of their sales.  Not good business decisions.  Our Hedgehog Concept is doing what works, what lasts and what helps.

“But dude….there are tons of other companies that will install them for me.”

Yes…you’re right, they will, but OopsRepair won’t.  And we’re not sorry about it.  We can’t install junk and expect our name to also be associated with incredible quality and service.  It’s not possible. We think it’s kinda funny that those who do the conversions and post them on their Facebook pages try hard to promote how cool they are…and typically charge MORE for them! Pay MORE for a piece of junk? WHY?!?!

If you really want your blinged-out-diamond-studded-gold-mirrored-clear-backed-red-blue-green-yellow-purple-zebra-leopard-with-a-splash-of-dalmatian-printed iPhone you’ll have to go somewhere else!!

But if you want OEM quality parts that come with amazing low prices, exceptional service and a long warranty, come on in…we’re ready to help and serve you!

Feedback? We’d love to hear it!



OEM iPad Digitizer Test

You can tell immediately which iPad digitizers are OEM and which are not. The truest test is in their flexibility. Here at OopsRepair, we ONLY use OEM parts. This shore video shows the flexibility of an OEM iPad Mini digitizer:

All third party digitizers would crack and shatter at only the slightest bend. For more information on why OEM parts matter, check out our earlier blog post here: blog.oopsrepair.com/2013/12/17/why-OEM-matters-part-2/

Oops of the Week: Jan 4

This iPad 2 suffered the wrath of a jealous text book in the backpack of Chattanooga Christian School high school student.  The backpack got tossed just a little too hard after school…cracking the glass AND the causing the LCD to have fuzzy lines through it!  Darn that 500 page history text book and it’s inferior-learning-tool complex!

iPad Digitizer & LCD

On a positive note, our customer walked out with a new Defender OtterBox, that protects the screen with a hard plastic shield that clips on when it’s not in use.  Perfect for kids who throw their iPads in their backpacks!  No other protective case offers this option!

Otterbox defender for iPad

Why “OEM” Matters: Part 2

This is part 2 of a continuing blog about why Oops Repair only recommends using OEM Parts for our customers, why we only use them in all of our repairs, and the advantages of having your devices repaired by the pros at Oops Repair.

Similar to the previous blog, iPad parts also have various repair parts available in the market.  The most common damage done to an iPad is a broken front screen. Whether a hairline crack or an all-out spiderweb, most people want to get it fixed ASAP.  But where do you start? What is the best part to buy? What are the differences really?  Should I, and can I, install it myself? All great questions, so let’s dive in.

What is the best part to buy? After you have busted your iPad’s front glass (and after a few choice words, I’m sure) you begin looking into repairing it.  If you want to do your own repair, be certain that you get an OEM part.  Do not be fooled by sellers that claim their parts are High Quality.  So, be certain that the seller states that it is an OEM part, otherwise it is most likely a Third-Party part.

What are the differences really between OEM and Third Party parts? I just looked up a price for an iPad 2 digitizer (front screen) on eBay: $19 – 23.  Almost all of the sellers state that these are high quality parts…but I can share with you that they are not OEM parts.  So, will they work? In short, the answer is yes, but again, poor quality.

  • Zero flexibility: The original glass you had on your iPad was designed to handle a little bit of torque, vibration, and jarring. Made of a specialized tempered glass, OEM iPad screens are flexible and you can literally take them and bend them without them breaking.  Third Party parts do not respond well to anything but remaining flat.  They will break and shatter at the slightest movement…thus a typical iPad user will re-break the third party glass by just setting it down a little too hard.
    photo (1)
  • Glass shards galore: OEM iPad Glass will spiderweb and stay intact when broken. Third Party glass will shatter and fall out when broken.
  • Less sensitive to touch: Third Party glass is not designed to work in perfect cohesive union with the touch function (digitizer). Users will notice a slower responsiveness and slight delays after typing or dragging on the screen.  OEM parts are, of course, designed to work properly with the digitizer without delay or lack of sensitivity.
  • Cheap home button: If you purchase the third party part with a home button, it will not actuate like the original, it will pop harder and require much more force to depress it.  The third party home button wasn’t designed to handle 10,000,000 operations.  It fails rather quickly.  OEM home buttons were built to last and have nice smooth operation.
  • Adhesive: Most third party parts leave you to your own ingenuity to adhere their ultra-fragile part onto the rough aluminum housing. Others may give you a clear 3M adhesive. Trust me when I tell you that your iPad screen will not last.  The 3M adhesive, though cut to the proper shape, is a poor alternative.  It again, was not designed to hold glass to aluminum.  It’s poor adhesiveness will pull apart immediately in any warm condition above 80 degrees.  You will then have a corner or side of your iPad that pops up causing yet another way to crack the fragile screen.  Trying to find your own adhesive like rubber cement, glue, or other alternatives result in the iPad screen not sitting flat, and even minor weight in the wrong part of the glass will cause cracks.  OEM adhesive is BY FAR the MOST critical part of the iPad installation.  It is what bonds the screen to the casing.  It will not pull away from the aluminum.  Anything else will come loose and your investment will be ruined.

Other Parts for iPads: Same is true for other iPad parts in the market, you can buy third party…be it the LCD, buttons, batteries, speakers, and internal ribbon cables. They just don’t fit right, don’t function or actuate as smooth, don’t sound as crisp, don’t include the needed adhesive, etc. They just don’t live up to the originals…

Should I, and can I, install it myself? You most definitely can!  There are tons of great installation guides that will help you along too.  But what the guides fail to mention are the very typical problems that come up.  Most only show you how to remove your old screen (which in the demo is NOT broken), but they fail to show you how to reinstall the new one.  Examples:

  • How to I deal with damaged corners?
  • Do I need a new bezel for the glass?
  • I have a ba-zillion glass shards inside…do i really need to remove them all?
  • I tore a cable…now what?
  • The digitizer cable seems too long…do I bend it to make it fit?
  • I have one corner that won’t stay adhered down…how do I fix that?
  • After I installed it, there are parts of my screen that don’t respond to my touch.
  • The home button isn’t working.

Who will help you overcome the obstacles and challenges? Enter Oops Repair…

Why choose to have it installed by Oops Repair?

  • We actually use the same new OEM parts we just mentioned above.
  • We have fixed HUNDREDS of iPads.  We are pros and know what we are doing.
  • We Save You Time – We repair all iPads problems in 60-90 minutes. Most people who try themselves easily spend 3+ hours.  Go grab lunch and come back to a shiny new, working iPad.
  • We Help Avoid Stress – Most people get stressed, frustrated and start yelling at their significant other/kids/friends/pets when they start to repair an iPad on their own.  They lose screws, accidentally clips cables, or make things worse then when they started…and it doesn’t quite look right or work right when they are done.  Let us handle it.
  • Price – We have the best price in town, and we post it on our website.  We will meet any competitor price…that has the same claims we do.
  • Warranty – 90 days, full parts and labor, on all our repairs.
  • We are honest – No games, no hype, just truth. We will let you know if we can fix your iPad or not.
  • Our customers love us – Check out our Customer Testimonials on Facebook. 

Why wait for a price?

In today’s society, with competitive information at your fingertips, I find it a bit annoying that companies still have you fill out a contact form to get pricing on their service.  Or worse are the ones that string you along, thinking that by giving them this information, you will get their pricing, only to receive a message that says “Thanks for filling out our form.  A sales associate will contact you shortly”.  Seriously?

So….I have to fill out a form, and wait for you, to call me back, to tell me a price? I got two words for you….Pah leeze…I already spent time checking out your site, and your competitor’s site and now I have to I have wait on you??  I don’t think so.  I’ll just go with the other guy.

I noticed this amongst many other Phone and Tablet Repair shops…even here in Chattanooga and Grand Rapids. At OopsRepair, we put all of our pricing right out there for you, no guessing required.  You don’t wait for us to call you.  You already spent time looking.  I promise that we have the lowest price in town, with OEM parts in stock, ready to fix your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Galaxy Phone.

See our prices, book an appointment, get it fixed TODAY!

Any questions?