Speakerphone only? Can you hear me now?

Do you have to use your iPhone on speakerphone so the people on the other end can hear you? This is because the microphone on the bottom of your iPhone isn’t working.


When you switch to speakerphone, your iPhone switches to the other microphone located on the top of your iPhone.  This is also the microphone it uses for FaceTime.  (So if those on the other side of your FaceTime calls can’t hear you…your top microphone is defective).

You don’t have to live with this annoyance!  This is EASILY fixable and takes less than 30 minutes to repair!  As a matter of fact, whether it is the top or bottom microphone on an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, or iPhone 5S it is the same price for our techs to get you fixed up and talking like “normal” again.

Check out www.oopsrepair.com/iphone-repair for more details.

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