Reminders – Based on where, not when

Wow!  What a concept…reminders based on where I am at, or where I am going/leaving and not based on time!

This has to be one of the COOLEST features in iOS7!  I don’t know about you, but having the ability to set a reminder based on where I am or where I’m going is really helpful.

Now, don’t get me wrong….reminders for things that have to happen at a certain time is important.  But you have to admit, sometimes it would be nice to be reminded about things when it actually happens or is needed…not at a pre-set time.

And it is a simple change of thinking (and a easy setting) when you set your reminders in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:


1) My kids ran out of their favorite food: Mac & Cheese.  Surely, I won’t remember to get this the next time I’m at the store because it’s not my favorite food, but if I set it up like this….

photo (2)

Reminder: “Get more macaroni and cheese”
Setting: When I am arriving at the grocery store.
My iPhone will notify me when I am pulling into the parking lot of my grocery store!

2) I happened to leave the office later today than anticipated.  My “typical” reminder to pick up my dry cleaning went off an hour ago, when I was supposed to leave the office.  I got all the way home and my wife asked where her newly cleaned dress and my freshly pressed suit were for our date at the Royal Ball tomorrow. If I would have changed my thinking from when to where like this:

photo (3)

Reminder: “Pickup dry-cleaning”
Setting: When I am leaving OopsRepair Offices
My iPhone will notify me as I leave my parking lot to get the dry cleaning independent of when I leave! What a time saver!

The possibilities are limitless!  Never let your “to-do’s” get off schedule again!

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