Our Favorite Apps of 2019

Apps help us manage our busy lives! Some you love and others, well you delete.  But without your favorite applications, your iphones, ipads, and the like are pretty pointless. So that is why this month we have compiled a list of our favorite apps in several categories! We hope you will find this list of top apps useful! Here goes…

FREE! Our favorite four letter word. We like to save money as much as the next person (that’s why we REPAIR our devices. 😉) Here are our current favorite, top free apps for iPhone.

Speaking of money; we have a few favorite finance apps.

The first one is the Good Budget Envelope App. This FREE app allows you to track your budget across multiple devices using a digital “envelope” system. This makes it ideal for personal or business use.

Ibotta is a coupon/deals app that allows you to choose virtual cash rebates on selected items in stores. It also has many cash back rewards for shopping online. Simply scan your in store receipt or shop from the ibotta app at your favorite stores and boom, cash back!

Let’s talk about education for a moment, here are some of the best learning apps for adults as well as kids.



Duolingo is by far our favorite language app for adults and older kids. With 90 language courses to choose from, this app is fun, challenging, and effective. Oh yeah, and FREE!

A current favorite educational game for kids is Teach Your Monster to Read. This award-winning phonics game inspires young children to learn to read. At $4.99 it’s well worth the investment as proceeds to an Usborne charity and they occasionally offer this game free in the app store!

Another great one for your toddlers is Learning Games 4 Kids Toddlers by WOOOW! Inc. This game has children practice patterns, sorting, shapes, colors, matching and more. It is the only game that holds our toddlers’ attention and is educational making it our kid’s best iPhone game and one of the best free learning apps for kids!

Rounding out our top favorite apps are the apps that enhance the usefulness of your iPhone or iPad.


Evernote has become the number one note taking app and for good reason. This FREE app syncs across devices and can be shared in teams. Evernote is a huge improvement from Apple’s Notes.


Snapseed is a FREE photo editing app made by Google (shh 🤫). It is professional grade editing in the palm of your hand. It even edits RAW images. You won’t believe the quality can capture and create through this photo editing app.

There you have it. We hope we’ve given you a few fresh apps to download and explore this weekend. Comment below on with your favorite apps and help us see any we may be missing.

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