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Happy New Year Folks!

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been reflecting on the last year (or even decade) and making plans for 2020. As we look ahead, we’re setting goals for ourselves both personally and professionally. So as we look at inspirational words for ourselves in 2020, we wanted to give you a list of 20 inspirational words to live by this year to get you started off right this year and motivated for what is to come! We hope 2020 is a monumental year for you all! 

20 Words to Inspire your 2020

1. SIMPLIFY: Don’t get caught up in chaos and learn to say “yes” to what’s important and “no” to the rest. Whether it’s simplifying your schedule, your physical belongings, or your relationships, 2020 is a year to make it happen. 

2. PEACE: We all need more peace and seem to misplace it often. Find what brings you some this year. I like to find a small dose daily. 

3. JOY: Happiness is circumstantial, joy is a choice. How powerful to be able to choose it for yourself this year. 

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4. CLARITY: Set reasonable expectations and keep a clear head about life. 

5. COMMITMENT: May we all remain faithful to our word this year in the big things and small. Let’s be people who follow through!

6. APPRECIATE: Begin each day with thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation, whatever synonym you like, but I promise it WILL change your day for the better and it could change your life! 

7. COMPASSION: You never really know the burden someone is carrying or the battle they are fighting. Showing compassion instead of reacting negatively to others could incite a lot of change in 2020.

8. HONESTY: Honesty and vulnerability are beautiful things and we could all stand to choose them more often. 

9. RELAX: Breathe and don’t allow the hard days to define your year! Take time to relax after the hard moments and don’t carry them in to another day. 

10. CREATE: Whether it’s art, love, a business venture, whatever it is! Be bold and bring your ideas to fruition.

11. GENEROUS: With time, with love, with grace, whatever resources you have, be generous.  

12. EMPOWER: Don’t you love the person who’s quick to uplift and encourage you, cheer you on or even roll up their sleeves and help you achieve something? Be an encourager and empower other people to live life well. Everyone could use another cheerleader! 

13. ENJOY: It’s easy to get caught up in all of life’s responsibilities and forget what’s important. Take time to enjoy the people and things you love this year! Put down the phone or the to-do lists, get outside, get some facetime with the people you love and enjoy the life you’ve been given. 

14. FORGIVE: Don’t be afraid to forgive the person who has hurt you in the past. Maybe you even need to forgive yourself. Start this year off free from past pain and bitterness. 

15. TEACHABLE: May we never know so much or be too prideful to always be students in the school of life. Be humble, be teachable. 

16. ENOUGH: Some people need to hear it. You are enough. Your life has purpose and you are valuable. 

17. PRAY: Pray as often as you can. Worry less, pray more. 

18. RESTORE: Perhaps a broken relationship needs to be restored for you this year. Restoration is a beautiful thing, just look at old houses. 

19. FRIENDSHIP: Friendship is an investment that always has a great return rate. Take time to pursue and invest in quality friends.

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20. EMBRACE: Whatever season of life you are in this year, we hope you will be willing to embrace it. Whether its a season, a job, a person, or a situation, hopefully 2020 will be a year you will embrace what you cannot change. 

These are words that are encouraging us at Oops Repair this year. What are the things you are wanting to improve this year? Let us know below! And Happy New Year!

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Q&A: Most Common Questions We Get About iPhone Repairs!

Will Apple repair phone out of warranty?
Short answer – yes. Long answer – It comes with caveats.
Apple stores will repair your phone, but are usually very expensive and will take your day to complete. If you are in an area, like Chattanooga, where there isn’t a legitimate Apple store (only Apple affiliates) then you will be required to travel to one. Oops Repair uses premium OEM screens for iPhone repairs. This means our screens are equivalent to theirs. We keep them in stock, we are local, and we can have you in and out with a good as new phone in under an hour! And for a fraction of the price! Did I mention each repair comes with a 6 month parts and labor warranty? Call now or stop for a free quote. Our technicians are kind and knowledgeable. 423-320-3402

Can you repair iPhone water damage?
Yes! Although nothing is ever “cut and dry” 😂 with water damage. Water and electronics don’t mix, so it’s important to immediately turn off your device once it’s met water. This act generally keeps the water damage localized with the battery and away from the motherboard. Meaning you have a higher possibility of getting your phone running again, once it has had proper time to dry out. This time depends on how much/long your phone was submerged. We recommend always erring on the side of giving the phone plenty of time to dry out.

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