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Top Accessories 2019

There are so many accessories out there for our favorite gadgets: our Apple products. But with the market saturated, you may be wondering what the pros really love. From phone cases and tempered glass to accessories for in the car and on the go; we have plenty of favorites. You will find below a list of our favorite Apple accessories, the ones we love, use, and some of them we love enough to sell right in our store! (*can be purchased in store)

So here goes….

Phone Protection

It doesn’t matter how strong the gorilla glass is on your phone, rocks and tile are always going to win in the epic gravity battle. 

 We believe good cases are the most important accessories for your iPhone and iPad. 

Here are our top two picks of cases for excellent drop protection:

Otterbox Defender Series – Best Drop Protection

Otterbox has made a reputation for themselves as being the best of the best for phone drop protection. There’s no better case you can get. But, while the protection is second to none, the cases do tend to make your phone or tablet significantly more bulky. 

*Spigen Slim Armor – Our Choice

Spigen is a well-known and trusted brand when it comes to phone protection. The Spigen Slim Armor case is significantly thinner than the Otterbox, but still offers great protection for your iPhone. It also has an awesome kickstand for those long YouTube sessions! 

*Tempered Glass – Recommended for EVERY Phone!

You can’t go wrong with a quality tempered glass. While cases protect against drops, tempered glass screen protectors prevent your iPhone or iPad screen from being broken by a direct impact to the screen itself! The glass absorbs the impact and takes the damage your screen would have taken, keeping it safe and in working order! 

There is also a great option for customizable tempered glass. Yes that is a thing! A really cool thing to personalize your phone. Check out our friends at Heart’s Guard.

*PureGear Quick Charger – Perfect for on the Go!

You need to stay connected while traveling. And you don’t want to have to fight battery life. Fortunately PureGear’s quick charger was made for travel. Not only does it offer fast charging to get your battery topped off quickly, but it has two ports so more than one phone can be plugged in at once! Don’t leave home without this accessory.

*Car Vent Magnet – A Hands-Free Must

Many states are passing hands-free driving laws, including Tennessee and Georgia. Finding a place to put your phone where you can legally access is annoying. Spigen’s vent magnet makes it easy! Simply slide the magnet over a vent and place the metal plate inside your phone case. Now you have a secure location for your phone thanks to the strong magnet. An additional bonus is the slim design of the plate that goes in your phone’s case.


You either love them or you hate them! But we find the PopSockets quite a useful addition to your phone, especially if you feel like your phone and or case is too big.  They also add a fun personal element to your phone with thousands of customized graphics to choose from. 

Power Banks

We love a good power bank. This one from INIU is also top rated on Amazon. A power bank is great when you need to charge your device but do not have time to sit in one place. These are great at the airport, school, and anywhere else you find yourself without an outlet but a dying iPhone. 

There You Go

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That wraps up our list of favorite accessories for protection and travel. What’s your favorite accessory? Leave a comment below and let us know! We are always interested in seeing what our great community is interested in and how you use your phones!

Find our favorite accessories right in our Chattanooga store! Or shop online with the links above. And don’t forget to come back the first Monday of each month for more great tips and insights to get the most out of your Apple products!

Apple Keynote 2019

Apple Keynote 2019

Didn’t get a chance to watch Apple’s presentation of this years upcoming devices?  Here is a rundown of highlights for this year’s new products!

iPad Updates

The entry-level iPad is getting a few upgrades for 2019. Originally a 9.7 inch display, it will now become a slightly larger 10.2 inch display. The quick connect accessories feature introduced on the iPad Pro will now be available as well, all starting at $329.

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 (more like Series 4.5) gets a few upgrades. It will now have an always-on retina display. An always-on display is a feature generally reserved for OLED screens since these panels can turn off individual pixels on a screen, saving battery life. But, Apple has figured out how to offer the always-on display for the watch without losing any battery life. It was also come in a few finishes – aluminum, stainless steel, Nike, etc. 

The Apple Watch will also provide a compass to keep you… unlost? Along with a very nice feature in the cellular watch of being able to call 911 from anywhere.

Apple TV+

Apple keynote 2019

Apple is finally rolling out their own television streaming service. With many Apple original series. The series they showcased during the event starred Jason Mamoa. The service comes with a very affordable price of $4.99 for a family subscription. That means you can share! Like you used to be able to do with Netflix, before they caught on.

You also get a free one year subscription to Apple TV+ with every new device you buy. Tim didn’t mention how long this promotion would last, but I wouldn’t base my purchases off of it anyway, especially with the already low subscription price.

iPhone 11 (What we all have been waiting for!)

Last year’s iPhone XR was the best selling phone of the year. With phones surpassing the $1000 mark, it was a welcome addition to the iPhone lineup. This year’s iPhone 11 (the new XR) still offers that awesome, more affordable price of $699. It will now come with two cameras on the back – the regular 1x zoom and then a wide angle 0.5x zoom, both 12MP.

The iPhone 11 Pro (Pro means expensive) and iPhone 11 Pro Max (Pro Max means more expensive!) are the new iterations of the iPhone XS and XS Max. The iPhone 11 Pro’s battery will last 4 hours longer than the XS, with the Pro Max battery lasting 5 hours longer than the XS Max.

These phones will boast a three camera setup on the rear – 2x (telephoto), 1x, 0.5x (wide angle) zoom, all 12MP. Apple says they will also have 4x optical zoom. For those of you wondering what that means here’s the short: That grainy, fuzzy look you get when you zoom with your phone camera is because the phone is using software to “zoom in.” So the quality of the photo isn’t better, it’s just closer. Optical zoom means you are using actual hardware, like a DSLR camera, to zoom in. With optical zoom your lens will be able to capture more definition and eliminate the grainy zoom fuzz. On top of the upgrade to the extra cameras, Apple has upgraded the photos app as well. Now you will be able to fully edit videos right on your phone, which you should be able to do… on your computer priced phone.

apple keynote 2019

These new upgrades will start at $999 for the iPhone 11 Pro, and $1099 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

A lot of cool upgrades this year. But the majority are just minor details. Are they worth $1000+ is the real question, especially with the rumored redesigned iPhone 12 coming next year. What do you think? Are you looking forward to buying the newest from Apple this year? Let us know!