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Oops of the Week: December 6, 2014

The holidays can be a treacherous time! This iPad mini was unable to escape the dangers of Thanksgiving family gatherings and became the victim of the rivalry between Uncle Dan and Uncle Mike in the pre-dinner-football-game-turned-wrestling-match. If only they had seen the iPad mini laying on the floor when their good natured smack talk turned to a contest of physical strength! Fortunately for them (and the owner) we were able to replace the front screen and get it working again…and with a little protective gear for the next family rumble!

iPad Mini Oops of the Week

Oops of the Week: November 15, 2014

This iPad came in last week after a serious crash. As he was leaving for work, the owner sat the iPad on the top of the car when he suddenly realized he had forgotten to fill the dog’s water bowl. Good news for the pup…bad news for the iPad.  After he got back in his car, he quickly drove out of his driveway, whereas the iPad, still on top of the car at this point, flies off and face plants onto the pavement! The owner luckily saw the black blur as it flew to its demise. He stopped, leapt from the car, swooped it up and saved it from oncoming traffic!  However, the damage had already been done. We were able to get it all fixed up in under 2 hours (as per our guarantee) and he was on his way – this time with the iPad safe and secure INSIDE the car.

iPad Oops of the Week

Oops of the Week: November 8, 2014

This iPhone 5S took a topple at a Halloween Party, slipping out its owner’s hand while reenacting scenes from the movie in her Maleficent costume. When the owner picked it up, she got a spooky surprise indeed – her screen was cracked! She tried to live with the scary, but not fatal flaw for a few days, but finally gave up and brought it in. As you can see, we not only fixed her up in under 30 minutes, but also transformed her from evil (dark) to good (light)! Welcome back from the dark side and thanks for choosing Oops Repair!


Oops of the Week: March 22

Here’s our first Oops of the Week after our BIG Samsung Announcement! This Galaxy S4 went on a nice trail run with its owner by the Chickamauga Creek.  At the opportune time, it wiggled free, jumped out of the armband, tumbled down the rocky hill and almost went for a swim!  After a few minutes of searching for it under the leaves, the owner turned it over and saw that the front face was smashed and the LCD wouldn’t turn on.  He brought it too OopsRepair that same day and walked back out in under an hour with a brand new front screen assembly.  He said the escapee would not get out of the armband so easily next time!

Galaxy S4

Oops of the Week: March 15

This one just made the cut today for the Oops of the Week!! This iPhone 4S had a fall down a scaffold on a construction site…10 stories high! The owner of the iPhone said if hit about five levels on the way down and was even ran over by a wheelbarrow full of cement on the ground floor!

OOTW 3-15-14

OopsRepair got a new face on it for him, and is back on-site working hard!

Oops of the Week: March 8

This iPhone 4S wasn’t wearing its seatbelt when it decided to take a ride on the roof of a car! It made it all the way down the road until the first stop sign, toppled over the hood, smashed into the back end of the car in front of it and onto the ground! Not a good day for this poor iPhone!

OOTW 3-8-14

Fortunately, OopsRepair was able to resuscitate it with a new front screen in less than 30 minutes!

Oops of the Week: Feb 22

This iPhone 4S nearly had it’s entire face ripped off! It came in with blotchy spots and severely marred housing.  In the heat of a “passionate” discussion, between boyfriend and girlfriend, this iPhone skipped across the pavement of the parking lot at UTC.

With a little love at the Oops Repair factory…we gave it a new facelift. 🙂

OotW Feb 22

Not so sure the relationship mentioned above ended so nicely!

Oops of the Week: Feb 8

This iPad 4 suffered a fall from the top bunk…

A boarding student at Baylor School, watched it slip from his lap to the not-so-soft ground below his bed.  After a quick trip to OopsRepair, he was back in business doing his regular school work with a new OtterBox Defender to protect it from a future “Oops!” moment!

OOTW Feb 8

Oops of the Week: Feb 1

If you look at the date on this one, you can see it didn’t technically happen this week. But it had a good story behind it and wanted to share it nonetheless.

This iPhone 5 belonged to a UTC (University of Tennessee Chattanooga) student.  She was late for class and running thru the halls. Her iPhone 5 slipped out of her hand, soared 10 feet thru the air, hit a fellow student in the head, off their backpack and tumbled to the ground.  When she picked it up it, amazingly enough, did not have a scratch or a broken screen! But, when she swiped her finger across the screen to check things out, it fell again, tumbling a mere 3 feet, and hit the top right corner and this is what it looked like! 🙁

Oops of the Week Feb 1A

But after only 5 minutes in the OopsRepair lab, we had her back in action…with an OtterBox this time!

Oops of the Week Feb 1B

Oops of the Week: Jan 25

This iPhone 4S tumbled from a construction worker’s hip holster, down a hole, only to be buried buried alive under a half ton of the gravel being dumped by a backhoe.  He spent 30 minutes digging it back out and found it completely busted up and not turning on.  Amazingly enough, in LESS time it took him to dig it out, we had it fixed and working again!

4S Oops of the Week