Seven Things Every Man with an iPhone Can be Thankful For: Updated

We don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful! And we know that as guys, it might not come as naturally. So, we’re helping you out by getting the ball rolling with our list of things we , here at Oops Repair (and every other guy packing an iPhone), can truly be thankful for!

So here they are:

7 reasons for iPhone thankfulness

1.  Face ID

Summer break is only weeks away… and that means family vacations where we are afforded the time (or forced, whichever is more appropriate) to spend time with extended family. Some of them are good and others, well…not-so-good. Let’s face it, some of our friends and family members can be downright nosey when it comes to our phones.  They feel the liberty to grab your phone and start thumbing thru your photos, texts, and emails. What? That might be okay with your wife, but does Aunt Clara, whom you haven’t seen since Thanksgiving 2013, really need to see that you love (and by love, I mean you’re addicted to) playing Candy Crush? 

Now with Face ID on the iPhone X, you can keep out the ones who know the passcodes and can fool fingerprint sensors! Man, even your identical twin brother won’t be able to hack their way into your personal information! Find out how to set up and use Face ID here.

iPhone X Face ID Evil Twin

Face ID iPhone X

2. Find my friends

Navigating new places just got easier! Never lose your group or get left behind – even in the busiest area on the planet during summer vacation…the amusement park. Even Disney World and Six Flags Over Georgia crowds are no match for this great feature! This year, I’ll be using the “find my friend” app to discover which rides the kids are on, where my brother went to get sodas and guide me back to the designated meet-up point that I have long forgotten since we arrived. I just have to follow the blinking dots until they meet! Bonus perk: it kinda feels like I’m in a spy movie! The name is Bond, James Bond. Here’s the link for more info.

Find My Friends App

FindMyFriends App

3. Talking Poop

Animoji (animated-emoji) will bring you tons of laughs with recorded messages that mimic your facial expressions and voice tones for a variety of animals, aliens, and even a pile of poop. This might seem like a total waste of time, but trust me. This will be key when your son asks you for the 9,135th time “Are we there yet?” on that family road trip. For a full tutorial on how to send these hilarious messages to your family and friends, click here.

Animoji App

iPhone-X Animoji Image

4. Deliveries Confirmed

Get the iOS-only “Deliveries” App and make sure all your online order deliveries for family vacation shopping make it where they’re supposed to on time. You can even order and have it shipped directly to grandma’s house and know when it arrives! With tracking information from the USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and more, you’ll always be notified if your packages were delivered, signed for or undeliverable by your favorite shipping companies. Sorry Android phones, you’re going to miss out on this cool app! For the rest of us, get the app here.

Deliveries App

Deliveries iPhone App

5. Popping the question, flawlessly

“Ummo” is another iOS-only app designed to be your personal speech coach, tracking down the times that you use filler words and phrases like “umm,” “you know,” and the like, while also recording your pace, word power, and clarity. Tap on the mic to start and stop recording, and once you’re done, the app outputs the number of words spoken, pace and clarity, while also allowing you to dive deeper with a recorded transcript, with a record of specific filler words used, and a graph of your speaking pace.

Users can configure their list of recorded fillers and add their own. The app supports US and UK English so even our bros from across the pond can use it!  You’ve already hired a photographer, videographer and band; scouted out the landscape for the perfect place; and picked out the perfect ring. Now you can make sure when you’re popping the question to that special someone this summer, you get the ‘ask’ “umm, just right, you know!”Ummo App

Christmas Proposal with Ummo

Christmas Proposal with Ummo

6. Oops Repair

With all the activity of the summer, there’s bound to be a few mishaps! Especially for the kids! But you can plan ahead and get that new grad or teen a gift card to cover their “oops!” before it happens (because #oopshappen). 
Gift Cards for iPhones

7. Photo Backup Aids

Products that make it easy to get more space on your iPhone when all those photos from vacation eat up your storage is definitely something to be thankful for. Items like the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive allow you to simply plug it into the lightning port of your iPhone, move photos to it, and get back to taking more videos and pictures of your family during your time together. It’s an incredible stress-eliminating product. And taking on the role of photographer/videographer for the family adventures will keep you from having to have your picture made in front of every sign and statue from here to the Grand Canyon! Find it here or  here.

iXpand by Scandisk

ixpand drive in iphone

Do you have something to be thankful for with your iPhone? Let us know!

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