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AppleCare+ Coverage: A Brief Analysis

If you’ve recently purchased an iDevice (iPhone, iPad, and iPod), then you know that Apple has been encouraging their customers to purchase AppleCare+ for their devices. In short, AppleCare+ is insurance for your Mac or iDevice, extending the warranty time and tech support.

AppleCare+ for iPhone costs $99. It bumps your existing one-year warranty to two years, and covers the iPhone hardware, battery, earphones, usb power cable and power adapter two incidents of accidental damage, each subject to a $79 service fee plus tax. More info here.


So, if you break your screen, you’ll have paid Apple about $196 after tax. For your second break, you’ll have paid about $282 after tax. Break it a third time, and Apple won’t cover it at all. Also, what Apple doesn’t tell you is that they’re not going to replace your screen. Rather, they’ll give you a refurbished phone as a replacement.

Compare that to the cost of Oops Repair replacing your screen: $70-75 for iPhone 4/4S; $80-90 for iPhone 5/5C/5S; $110-125 for iPhone 6; $150-165 for iPhone 6 Plus (and these prices are dropping as the cost of screens comes down). And you don’t have to worry about getting a refurbished phone that could have problems of its own. You keep your phone and get a brand new screen.

What about the tech support and other benefits of AppleCare+? Sure, there are some additional benefits. But for the majority of iDevice owners, cracked screens and dead batteries are the only two problems you’re likely to face.

It’s important for consumers to make a decision regarding iDevices that’s best suited to their particular needs. For some, AppleCare+ is about peace of mind. But for those wanting to save money, we suggest politely turning down AppleCare+ coverage for iPhones, iPads and iPods and using Oops Repair for all your iDevice needs.

Note: We do recommend purchasing AppleCare+ coverage for iMacs and MacBooks, as these repairs are often difficult and very expensive.

Cold Temperatures and Your Phone

With the frigid temperatures we have been sustaining here the last few weeks, we’d thought we’d explain how freezing cold weather could cause havoc on your smartphones and tablets.


For those who want the Cliffs Notes edition of this Blog: DON’T LEAVE YOUR iPHONE OUT IN THE COLD!  IT’S BAD FOR THEM!

For those looking for a bit more details, read on.

Battery Life

Your smartphone has a lithium-ion battery which is not meant to operate in temperatures below freezing.  If you go back to tenth grade Chemistry class you may recall that molecules and atoms slow down in cold temperatures…hence the forming of solids.  The uber-geek might appreciate what Battery University has to say here:

“Batteries achieve optimum service life if used at 68°F… they degrade rapidly when cycled at low ambient temperatures. If, for example, a battery operates at 48°F instead of a more moderate room temperature, the cycle life is reduced by 20 percent. At 28°F, the loss jumps to a whopping 40 percent, and if charged and discharged at 28°F, the cycle life is only half of what can be expected if used at 68°F”

So, if you’re using your phone out in the cold, don’t be surprised to see your battery life drop dramatically and leave you without a charge!

Touch Screen Functionality

Your smartphone screen consists of many parts, but mainly the LCD, the digitizer and the glass…for more details click here.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display):  Did you notice what the “L” stood for?  Yep….back to Chemistry again.  Those liquid crystals get too cold and they start to seize and freeze.  Did it seem like you swiped FOREVER ago and the image is still on your screen?  Those crystals aren’t getting mad at you and refusing to move…they just can’t…they’re frozen!

Optimal operating temperatures for average LCD Screens (Which are in all iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Phones) are between 50 and 80°F and begin declining rapidly below 35°F.

The Digitizer: Designed to sense the heat of your finger against the screen to move images.  But if your finger is too cold and/or the glass is too cold to allow your fingertip to effect the digitizer, you’re out of luck using your phone!  Most users will notice they have to swipe several times, use another finger or even wait a few minutes by holding their phone screen close to their body to warm it up enough to get their phone to do what they want it to!  It’s not a faulty phone…it’s just too cold for the transfer of heat to tell the digitizer to react!

The Glass:  The colder it gets, the more fragile glass becomes, and the more likely a small bump could shatter your screen.  Even though your smartphone has tempered glass on it doesn’t mean that exposing it to cold temperatures makes it less susceptible to breaking…especially if there are any existing nicks or hairlines cracks in it already.


The best advice we can give is to keep your phones and tablets in a warm environment for best use.  Avoid leaving you phone in the car for extended periods of time in the cold weather. And when you are outside for any length of time, it’s wise to place your phone in an inside pocket, close to your person, so it can accept your body heat.  Leaving it in an outside pocket rarely benefits it….unless your hands are always in them!




My phone doesn’t respond to touch

We get several calls a week from customers saying that they dropped their phone and it no longer responds to their touch.

Oh…you broke your digitizer.


The digitizer is the electronic component that senses all touch functions. It is fused UNDER the glass and senses a human finger though the glass so that the unit can be controlled by your fingertip. The digitizer is very thin and transparent.

All of our front screen assemblies for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy come fused together from the factory and cannot be separated. They include the Front Glass, LCD and digitizer.  This means we cannot simply replace one component of the front screen.  So, good news, you get a brand new EVERYTHING when it comes to any front screen repair here at Oops Repair. All with a 6-month parts and labor warranty and back in your hands in less than 60-minutes!

iPhone Exploded View


3 Ways to Delete Messages on iOS8

One question that we get often is how to delete all the messages on an iPhone on iOS8.

It’s amazing how much we communicate by text messaging these days! So much so, that after a while it eats up all the space on our iPhones and we have no space for important stuff like pictures and videos…or the newest app that we need to play!! (UGH! How frustrating it is that I can’t download TriviaCrack!)

I digress…let’s get back to the subject matter:

Some people don’t even realize how to check what could be taking up space on their iPhones in the first place.  In iOS 8 goto Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage.  You might have to wait a few moments, but you will get a screen that looks like this organizing the memory-stealing-culprits from worst to least:


As you can see in my daughter’s iPhone, she is tapped out on space. And her excessive amount of messages are hindering her from doing other things because of the lack of storage.

3 Ways to delete messages on your iPhone (iOS8)

1) Delete Individual Messages 

This way will have very minimal impact on freeing up space, unless you are deleting tons of messages and photos that individuals send to you.  Nonetheless, here’s how:

  1. Open the Messages App
  2. Go into the message thread with the person (or group) that you want to delete messages from.
  3. Find the message you want to delete
  4. Hold your finger on the message you want to delete
  5. Select ‘More’ on the hover bubble that appears above the message
  6. Select the message(s) you want to delete with the check-box that appears on the left side of the screen
  7. Click the garbage can icon in the bottom left corner

2) Delete Entire Conversations with Individuals/Groups

This will have a larger impact on freeing up space as entire threads will be deleted…especially if you carry on and on and on in your threads 😉  It might, however, take a long time to get thru all your messages, especially if you are texting several different people and not the same ten people all the time.  Here’s how:

  1. Open the Messages App
  2. Find the individual/group thread you want to delete entirely
  3. Hold you finger on the row until the background turns from white to grey and swipe to the left
  4. Click the red “Delete” button that appears

3) Delete Messages after a time limit

This is by far the quickest way to delete old messages that are hogging up your space.  Chances are likely that you’re harboring messages over a length of months or years that need not be on your iPhone! You can choose to do a quick clean-up of all messages that are older than 30-days or 1-year.  After you do this you can revert back to the default mode of saving them all again if you prefer.  Or you can simply leave the “switch” on so that all messages that are either 30-days or 1-year old (based on your selection) will automatically be deleted.  Here’s how:

  1. Goto Settings > Messages > Keep Messages
  2. Select “30 Days” to delete all messages that are older than 30 days, or select “1 Year” to delete all messages that are older than 1 year.
  3. Accept the prompt that appears at the bottom of your screen

All your conversation with individuals will still appear in your Messages App, just hacked off at the time limit you choose.

I hope that helps you free up some space!  If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to speak up below!




Oops of the Week – January 31, 2015

This iPhone 5C was the victim of a “cuteness” accident last week.

The owner was out for her run down by the water front with her Beats earbuds plugged in.  She was jamming out to “This Girl is on Fire” as her iPhone 5C was securely tucked in her arm band. It didn’t take long before she noticed people were looking at her. Thinking that it must be her well-toned body, tanned physique, perfect running form, or her long blonde ponytail swaying as she ran, she whipped her hair a bit, held her chin a little higher, and started running with newfound vigor for her audience. As the run continued, however, the smiles and laughs from both men and women began to trouble her…were they laughing at her rather than admiring her?

She slowed her pace but continued running as she began to make a mental checklist of her apparel placement and choices. She noted nothing out of the norm, so she began to look around to find the source of their now amused looks. That’s when she looked behind her and saw it…the most adorable puppy she had ever seen was running at her heels.

She smiled at the adorable site, but perhaps looking a little too long. As she turned back to face the direction in which she was running, she caught a glimpse of the park bench just as she ran into it, her shin crashing into the seat and her body tumbling across the bench in what seemed to be slow motion.

Embarrassment gripped her as she crashed to the pavement on the other side of the bench, landing directly on her arm where her iPhone was secured.

As she began to take inventory of injuries (other than her pride, of course), the puppy jumped on her lap to playfully and immediately licked her face, instantly helping her forget the scrapes and bruises she had just received.

Unfortunately that adorable puppy could not erase the obliterated screen on her iPhone… but we could!  Only 28 minutes after her arrival, she walked out of our store with her phone as good as new and her new found companion, Trip, at her side!

Oops of the Week - Jan 31IMG_1105