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Oops of the Week: Dec 12, 2014

This iPhone 6 had a nasty fall at the mall. Sneaking to get that perfect shot of little Suzy’s visit with Santa, the owner jerked when she was busted by Santa’s elf trying to take a prohibited picture! The phone hit the floor hard, bounced into Santa’s workshop, and slid to rest…right under Santa’s chair! She took the embarrassing walk to retrieve the phone from its unfortunate resting place as Santa, the elves, and all the other moms and kids in line watching (of course!) only to realize that the screen was as busted as her pride! Thankfully, we were able to replace her screen in 32 minutes and she was back off to her holiday happenings with no one the wiser…except maybe Santa.

iPhone 6 Oops of the Week

Oops of the Week: December 6, 2014

The holidays can be a treacherous time! This iPad mini was unable to escape the dangers of Thanksgiving family gatherings and became the victim of the rivalry between Uncle Dan and Uncle Mike in the pre-dinner-football-game-turned-wrestling-match. If only they had seen the iPad mini laying on the floor when their good natured smack talk turned to a contest of physical strength! Fortunately for them (and the owner) we were able to replace the front screen and get it working again…and with a little protective gear for the next family rumble!

iPad Mini Oops of the Week