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Oops of the Week: November 15, 2014

This iPad came in last week after a serious crash. As he was leaving for work, the owner sat the iPad on the top of the car when he suddenly realized he had forgotten to fill the dog’s water bowl. Good news for the pup…bad news for the iPad.  After he got back in his car, he quickly drove out of his driveway, whereas the iPad, still on top of the car at this point, flies off and face plants onto the pavement! The owner luckily saw the black blur as it flew to its demise. He stopped, leapt from the car, swooped it up and saved it from oncoming traffic!  However, the damage had already been done. We were able to get it all fixed up in under 2 hours (as per our guarantee) and he was on his way – this time with the iPad safe and secure INSIDE the car.

iPad Oops of the Week

iPad Dented Corner Costs?

We have a full line of iPad screen repairs and thank you for your patience while waiting for iPad Air 2 Screen repairs, they are coming soon!

A vast majority of our iPad repairs are front glass replacement; and there are times it seems that we’re just never going to get through them all! There are a ton of iPads out there! 🙂


There are a lot of other repair companies out there that charge extra fees for iPads repair over their stated repair fee; and it’s to “modify” the back case in order to get a new glass panel to sit flush in the unit once repaired.

The rear casing on the iPads are made of aluminum, that will bend if dropped in just the right way. Once the rear casing bends, it will fold over into the glass, causing it to crack. When a repair technician removes the broken glass and lays a new piece of glass into the frame, it may not sit correctly because the rear casing is “folded” into the area that the glass would sit.

The back case needs to be repaired as well in order for the glass to sit properly.

Oops Repair does not charge for this “rework” to the aluminum casing. In some cases it’s just a matter of “massaging” the corner of the iPad a bit; in other cases a tiny bit of grinding may be necessary. But in all cases when a corner is dented it needs to be reworked before the glass can be put in. It’s a matter of physical space.

Our customers have the advantage of always replacing the back case with a brand new one if they so choose; but a small modification to the dented corner of their cracked iPad is typically not an issue. So we’ll do it…and do it for free. Be sure to check on this issue with your service provider if you plan on using a repair center other than Oops Repair. It’s good to know what you’re getting into ahead of time!

Oops of the Week: November 8, 2014

This iPhone 5S took a topple at a Halloween Party, slipping out its owner’s hand while reenacting scenes from the movie in her Maleficent costume. When the owner picked it up, she got a spooky surprise indeed – her screen was cracked! She tried to live with the scary, but not fatal flaw for a few days, but finally gave up and brought it in. As you can see, we not only fixed her up in under 30 minutes, but also transformed her from evil (dark) to good (light)! Welcome back from the dark side and thanks for choosing Oops Repair!