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Why we DON’T do color conversions for iPhones, iPads, iPods

Almost everyday here at Oops Repair we get asked if we can do color conversions for iPhones, iPads and iPods. And we always answer “NO”.

Why Not? A couple reasons:

1) They’re junk.  ALL colored screens that exist in the market are made by third party vendors and do NOT have the quality that OEM parts have.  We have already written a 2-part blog about this in the past, which elaborates on this point.

2) Too many options. We are not interested in filling up our inventory with 30 variations of colors for each device, only to hope which combination people want.  I have talked with several suppliers where the color conversions make up 50% of their inventory and only contribute to 5% of their sales.  Not good business decisions.  Our Hedgehog Concept is doing what works, what lasts and what helps.

“But dude….there are tons of other companies that will install them for me.”

Yes…you’re right, they will, but OopsRepair won’t.  And we’re not sorry about it.  We can’t install junk and expect our name to also be associated with incredible quality and service.  It’s not possible. We think it’s kinda funny that those who do the conversions and post them on their Facebook pages try hard to promote how cool they are…and typically charge MORE for them! Pay MORE for a piece of junk? WHY?!?!

If you really want your blinged-out-diamond-studded-gold-mirrored-clear-backed-red-blue-green-yellow-purple-zebra-leopard-with-a-splash-of-dalmatian-printed iPhone you’ll have to go somewhere else!!

But if you want OEM quality parts that come with amazing low prices, exceptional service and a long warranty, come on in…we’re ready to help and serve you!

Feedback? We’d love to hear it!