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iPhone 5S Blue Screen of Death Repair

Has your iPhone 5S given you the Blue Screen of Death?  It is continually stuck in a loop of the Apple logo, then flashes a blue screen and reboots again?


One solution that we have discovered here at Oops Repair is that the problem lies in the front camera connection.  We have had success, in the now over 40+ iPhone 5S’s, we have come across this problem with:

1) Open up your iPhone 5S. (You will need a special pentalobe 5-star screwdriver for this)

2) Unplug the Battery. (You will need to remove the shield plate for this)

3) Unplug the front camera connector.  You can see the correct connection in the picture below:


4) Plug the battery back in

5) Do NOT plug the camera back in

6) Power on your iPhone 5S

Does the blue screen of death loop now stop?  If so, your problem is the front camera connector.


You may be lucky and just need to clean the connection on the logic board and the connector itself.  To do this:

1) Disconnect the battery again

2) Take a soft bristle toothbrush and dip it in some denatured alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) making the toothbrush only dampened with the alcohol, not dripping wet!

3) Gently clean the connection and the connector for the front camera with the toothbrush.

4) Allow sufficient time for the alcohol to evaporate and be completely dry

5) Plug the battery back in

6) Plug the camera connection back in

7) Power on the device

If this does not work, you have to replace the front camera flex altogether.

If you want us to do it, call us to schedule an appointment at 423-320-3402! It only takes about 30 minutes to fix!

Poops Repair – A Poop Parody of Frozen’s Love is an Open Door

We like to have fun around here…and in support of our ‘sister’ company, Poops Repair, we made a catchy little parody called ‘My Colon is Blocked No More’.  Here it is! Enjoy, and tell us what you think!