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I dropped my iPhone in the toilet!

Yeah…”Oops” happens this way too: (might be a job for Poops Repair!)


If/When it does follow these steps:

1) Remove your iPhone from the water (well…duh!)
2) Turn your phone off immediately!
3) Dry off the excess water
4) Put it in a bag of dry rice
5) Contact OopsRepair at 423-320-3402 to schedule an appointment
6) Leave it alone for at least 24-48 hours and do NOT try turning it on!

Water may have seeped inside the phone and the best way to remove it it let it evaporate slowly via sitting in the rice.  Quick methods like a hairdryer or a stove does not effectively remove all moisture and may result in damaging your phone.  If you can bring it in to OopsRepair, we will open your phone to allow the inside circuits to dry quicker than if left all sealed up. Nothing kills a phone like standing water on the circuit board!

It is a process that you must be patient for…we have a good success rate of the phone being functional again if the steps above are followed!

Any questions? Feel free to ask!


Oops of the Week: March 22

Here’s our first Oops of the Week after our BIG Samsung Announcement! This Galaxy S4 went on a nice trail run with its owner by the Chickamauga Creek.  At the opportune time, it wiggled free, jumped out of the armband, tumbled down the rocky hill and almost went for a swim!  After a few minutes of searching for it under the leaves, the owner turned it over and saw that the front face was smashed and the LCD wouldn’t turn on.  He brought it too OopsRepair that same day and walked back out in under an hour with a brand new front screen assembly.  He said the escapee would not get out of the armband so easily next time!

Galaxy S4

OopsRepair now fixes Samsung Galaxy!!

We have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make! We are now repairing Samsung Galaxy Products!

Oops of the Week: March 15

This one just made the cut today for the Oops of the Week!! This iPhone 4S had a fall down a scaffold on a construction site…10 stories high! The owner of the iPhone said if hit about five levels on the way down and was even ran over by a wheelbarrow full of cement on the ground floor!

OOTW 3-15-14

OopsRepair got a new face on it for him, and is back on-site working hard!

We launched a plumbing business!

We had a customer tell us that he wished we could fix everything as fast as we did his iPhone today. He said he was having an issue with his toilet too and that the plumber never called him back. He suggested that we should open up a plumbing business. After a few minutes of how we could incorporate Oops Repair as a plumbing business, we arrived at the best name possible…Poops Repair. 🙂



iPhone 6 Rumors, Concepts, Speculations and Leaks

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of hearing “rumors” of the next iPhone? I mean, COME ON, let APPLE make the announcement when they are ready! I did a few quick searches on ‘iPhone 6’ on Google: 7.8 BILLION Hits

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 11.33.12 AM

And the first listings include words like: Rumors, Concepts, Speculation, Leaks.

Not to mention the ridiculous amount of tweets, posts and images sent out! Total bombardment of just what it says….speculation!

I have even seen pictures of the Samsung Galaxy with Apple Logo photoshopped onto it.

But my favorite one, is the wrap around screen…yeah, I’m gonna look at the SIDE of my iPhone to get that 1/4″ of picture viewing in….not to mention that a flexible LCD and digitizer like that would cost over $2000.


Please, please stop.  Let Apple do their job, and you continue doing yours…if you have one.

Comments? They are welcome….

Oops of the Week: March 8

This iPhone 4S wasn’t wearing its seatbelt when it decided to take a ride on the roof of a car! It made it all the way down the road until the first stop sign, toppled over the hood, smashed into the back end of the car in front of it and onto the ground! Not a good day for this poor iPhone!

OOTW 3-8-14

Fortunately, OopsRepair was able to resuscitate it with a new front screen in less than 30 minutes!