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OEM iPad Digitizer Test

You can tell immediately which iPad digitizers are OEM and which are not. The truest test is in their flexibility. Here at OopsRepair, we ONLY use OEM parts. This shore video shows the flexibility of an OEM iPad Mini digitizer:

All third party digitizers would crack and shatter at only the slightest bend. For more information on why OEM parts matter, check out our earlier blog post here:

Oops of the Week: Feb 22

This iPhone 4S nearly had it’s entire face ripped off! It came in with blotchy spots and severely marred housing.  In the heat of a “passionate” discussion, between boyfriend and girlfriend, this iPhone skipped across the pavement of the parking lot at UTC.

With a little love at the Oops Repair factory…we gave it a new facelift. 🙂

OotW Feb 22

Not so sure the relationship mentioned above ended so nicely!

Oops of the Week: Feb 8

This iPad 4 suffered a fall from the top bunk…

A boarding student at Baylor School, watched it slip from his lap to the not-so-soft ground below his bed.  After a quick trip to OopsRepair, he was back in business doing his regular school work with a new OtterBox Defender to protect it from a future “Oops!” moment!

OOTW Feb 8

Oops of the Week: Feb 1

If you look at the date on this one, you can see it didn’t technically happen this week. But it had a good story behind it and wanted to share it nonetheless.

This iPhone 5 belonged to a UTC (University of Tennessee Chattanooga) student.  She was late for class and running thru the halls. Her iPhone 5 slipped out of her hand, soared 10 feet thru the air, hit a fellow student in the head, off their backpack and tumbled to the ground.  When she picked it up it, amazingly enough, did not have a scratch or a broken screen! But, when she swiped her finger across the screen to check things out, it fell again, tumbling a mere 3 feet, and hit the top right corner and this is what it looked like! 🙁

Oops of the Week Feb 1A

But after only 5 minutes in the OopsRepair lab, we had her back in action…with an OtterBox this time!

Oops of the Week Feb 1B