Monthly Archives: October 2013

My iOS7 background is too big!

Have you taken a beautiful snapshot of your family that won’t fit in your background now?  It seems as if your iPhone automatically zooms your picture in so every face can’t fit in the frame and even when trying the ‘move and scale’ option the picture just pops right back out again to the same size?  What’s the point of the move and scale???!!!

Your camera is taking pictures at a higher resolution than your background can handle, and the new “Parallax effect” that Apple is using to make your photo ‘move’ as you tilt it is the problem.  The parallax effect needs the extra buffer of the picture edges to make that photo move as you twist, twirl and tilt your iPhone.

If you don’t care about this effect, you just want the photo to look nice on your background, just do the following:

1) Go to Settings –> General –> Accessibility and turn Reduce Motion to “ON”

Now you can snap all your photos and have them fit into your background like they did in iOS6.


How to Close Apps in iOS7


Trying to figure out how to close down an app in iOS7?  It’s simple and easy:

1) Double Click your Home Button

2) Place one finger on the “card” of the app you want to close (not on the icon)

3) Swipe your finger up to the top of the screen

App closed.

That’s all there is to it. Hope you’re all enjoying the new multitasking controls and other new iOS 7 features.