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Oops of the Week: April 1, 2014

“I’m a sentimental sap that’s all…”

Words from an old-school jazz song a lot of our followers won’t even know. But that’s okay. The point is that we get “old-school” as well as hip and trendy!

Don’t think for a moment with all our talk of the new Apple Watch and iPhone 6 tips that we don’t have a sentimental side that understands those of you who want to hang on to that older iPhone 4! We are ohere for you too when the inevitable happens and it breaks! In fact, this week’s Oops of the Week is this iPhone 4, which took a bit of a beating, shattering the screen and even making a hole in it!

But we fixed it up in 32 minutes, good as new. No need to upgrade just yet! So if you’re one of the many who find Siri a little bit creepy and want to hang on to your older model iPhone, don’t worry! We can help keep you connected with in-stock parts on the “not-so-new-phones” at prices that won’t make you cry!

Tax Return Investment: Your Current Smartphone

According to CNN Money, the average 2014 tax refund so far has been $3120. A generous tax refund is a great reason to invest in the gadgets you’ve wanted all year…

But what if you have other plans for your money?

Dollar Symbol

Consumer Reports suggests that in order to save hundreds of dollars per year on electronics, consumers should shop for previous-generation devices and sell any unused gadgets to offset the price of a new phone or tablet. Refurbished items also offer a substantial discount on a great device and net a good profit for the seller.

That’s where Oops Repair comes in. Stretch your refund dollars further by having your devices repaired instead of replaced. A cracked screen or faulty battery may render an iPhone worthless in the eyes of most consumers, but at Oops Repair, we’ll fix what’s broken quickly and competently. Oops Repair offers iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, iPod Repair and Samsung Galaxy Repair. We care about our customers, and we offer clear and honest pricing, right on our website. You can then continue to use that device for a fraction of the cost of a new one…or sell it for much more than you could with a cracked screen.

So, with that said, we want to hear from you! What are your plans for your 2014 tax refund? Are you saving for a new gadget or are you planning to repair the one you have now?

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Repairing vs buying another iPhone

You broke your iPhone screen….now what? With so many options out there these days, let us lay out the truth and help explain the cost effectiveness of a repair versus just getting a “new” phone.

As a fair baseline, we went to the “fountains of truth” for our pricing comparisons….Apple, eBay and Craigslist.  On the Apple website, we looked at the price for a new phone (without a contract) and an ‘exchanged’ iPhone price at any Apple Store. For eBay we took an average price of the first ten items that matched our criteria…for both new and used.  For Craigslist we assumed all items were used and we took the average price of 50 phones for each iPhone (10 listings from 5 U.S. cities) Check out the chart below:

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 4.38.46 PM

As you can see, choosing to repair your iPhone with Oops Repair is a great financial option. In addition to the savings:

Why we DON’T do color conversions for iPhones, iPads, iPods

Almost everyday here at Oops Repair we get asked if we can do color conversions for iPhones, iPads and iPods. And we always answer “NO”.

Why Not? A couple reasons:

1) They’re junk.  ALL colored screens that exist in the market are made by third party vendors and do NOT have the quality that OEM parts have.  We have already written a 2-part blog about this in the past, which elaborates on this point.

2) Too many options. We are not interested in filling up our inventory with 30 variations of colors for each device, only to hope which combination people want.  I have talked with several suppliers where the color conversions make up 50% of their inventory and only contribute to 5% of their sales.  Not good business decisions.  Our Hedgehog Concept is doing what works, what lasts and what helps.

“But dude….there are tons of other companies that will install them for me.”

Yes…you’re right, they will, but OopsRepair won’t.  And we’re not sorry about it.  We can’t install junk and expect our name to also be associated with incredible quality and service.  It’s not possible. We think it’s kinda funny that those who do the conversions and post them on their Facebook pages try hard to promote how cool they are…and typically charge MORE for them! Pay MORE for a piece of junk? WHY?!?!

If you really want your blinged-out-diamond-studded-gold-mirrored-clear-backed-red-blue-green-yellow-purple-zebra-leopard-with-a-splash-of-dalmatian-printed iPhone you’ll have to go somewhere else!!

But if you want OEM quality parts that come with amazing low prices, exceptional service and a long warranty, come on in…we’re ready to help and serve you!

Feedback? We’d love to hear it!



Why wait for a price?

In today’s society, with competitive information at your fingertips, I find it a bit annoying that companies still have you fill out a contact form to get pricing on their service.  Or worse are the ones that string you along, thinking that by giving them this information, you will get their pricing, only to receive a message that says “Thanks for filling out our form.  A sales associate will contact you shortly”.  Seriously?

So….I have to fill out a form, and wait for you, to call me back, to tell me a price? I got two words for you….Pah leeze…I already spent time checking out your site, and your competitor’s site and now I have to I have wait on you??  I don’t think so.  I’ll just go with the other guy.

I noticed this amongst many other Phone and Tablet Repair shops…even here in Chattanooga and Grand Rapids. At OopsRepair, we put all of our pricing right out there for you, no guessing required.  You don’t wait for us to call you.  You already spent time looking.  I promise that we have the lowest price in town, with OEM parts in stock, ready to fix your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Galaxy Phone.

See our prices, book an appointment, get it fixed TODAY!

Any questions?

Oops of the Week: Nov 29

I took a trip up to Michigan for Thanksgiving this year and my niece, Carly, who was back from Michigan State busted her iPhone 5.  She was diligently studying for one of her exams when it suddenly leapt from her lap, took a two-foot drop, and crashed onto the hardwood floor below.  How lucky was she that I just happened to have an extra iPhone 5 Replacement Screen in my OopsRepair bag of tools?

Carly's iPhone 5

Long story short….Carly now has a shiny new iPhone 5 Screen (and an OtterBox) that made her very happy and ready to conquer those end-of-semester exams!

Thanks Carly for the ‘Oops of the Week’ and have a safe trip back to school!

Speakerphone only? Can you hear me now?

Do you have to use your iPhone on speakerphone so the people on the other end can hear you? This is because the microphone on the bottom of your iPhone isn’t working.


When you switch to speakerphone, your iPhone switches to the other microphone located on the top of your iPhone.  This is also the microphone it uses for FaceTime.  (So if those on the other side of your FaceTime calls can’t hear you…your top microphone is defective).

You don’t have to live with this annoyance!  This is EASILY fixable and takes less than 30 minutes to repair!  As a matter of fact, whether it is the top or bottom microphone on an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, or iPhone 5S it is the same price for our techs to get you fixed up and talking like “normal” again.

Check out www.oopsrepair.com/iphone-repair for more details.